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Former second-grade teachers Deena Cook and Cherie McIntosh present Pinky and Peanut: The
Adventure Begins, a novel for young people about two young girls, Pinky and Peanut, each of
whom is unhappy about being forced to move to a new town at the end of summer before starting
second grade. Yet a chance meeting in their new hometown leads them to a summer adventure of
friendship and fun together. A handful of simple black-and-white illustrations intersperse this
entertaining and delightful story about the joy of getting to know new people.
Midwest Book Review

There was a time when more children’s books carried important moral messages. I’m glad that
the two authors, both teachers, have found a way to capture the imagination of kids, tell a fun
story, and teach – all at the same time.
Michael S. Class
Author of Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame

All I can say is, when is the third book coming out? We can’t get enough of Pinky and Peanut!
Maggie Beardsley
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine