Teacher Reviews

Perfect series for Second Grade Readers

As a current second grade teacher, I have seen first-hand my students' love for this series. The size
of this "skinny chapter book" is just right for second grade readers. The story line is easy for them
to follow and to relate to. I am looking forward to book number 3!
---Danielle P. second grade teacher

A Teacher’s Opinion
The Pinky and Peanut stories are fun to read and/or listen to and are guaranteed to hold the
children's attention. The illustrations are delightful and add a nice finish to the books. Over several days, I read Pinky and Peanut, The Adventure Begins to my kindergarten class during story time.
Boys and girls alike sat mesmerized listening to the adventures of Pinky, Peanut, Scott, and Ralphie.
When we finished the book, they could HARDLY WAIT for the next book to be published.
---Jeanne M., kindergarten teacher

Appealing and Expressive to Young Readers
Meet two independent girls who will make you laugh as they juggle friendship, family, and school.
Even their names Pinky and Peanut shout out their individuality.
Pinky and Peanut: The Adventure Begins is the first book of a series that will appeal to beginning
chapter book readers. The expressive black and white illustrations by Trina Scruggs, some full
page, capture the girls’ moments of humor and drama. Readers will eagerly anticipate the second
book in this series. Buy several copies for your library and school collection
----Mary C. Librarian, Bellevue, WA, elementary school

Teaching Life Lessons
As a teacher and parent of two (a son and daughter), I highly recommend the Pinky & Peanut series
to any parent who wants to teach their children valuable life lessons through these great stories and
fun characters!
---Brian F. Chicago, IL second grade teacher

A Great Addition
We met Pinky and Peanut at a homeschooling convention and fell in love instantly! They are fun and
exciting! My daughter thinks they are "so cool" and she loves reading the books. This book was a
great addition to the Pinky and Peanut series. There is a fun surprise, and it left us wondering what
other fun things are going to happen to Pinky and Peanut in book three. We went on the Pinky and
Peanut website and downloaded some fun coloring activities associated with the book. These really

brought the characters to life. This book is HIGHLY recommended by our family. They are clean
and Pinky and Peanut are very realistic. It makes you wish they lived next door!
---Jennifer H., home school teacher/mom