Pinky and Peanut Excerpts

The Adventure Begins

Peanut still couldn’t believe this was happening. She had replayed the last few weeks in her mind like a movie---a very bad movie---over and over again.
Her life was so fun and perfect just three weeks ago. She had friends, she loved her school, and she lived in the most beautiful house. Now her mom and dad were moving her to a place called Oakdale. “Oakdale---what a horrible name for a town.” This just wasn’t fair.
Peanut’s mom and dad told her she had to move because of dad’s new job. They kept calling it a “great opportunity”---whatever THAT meant.
As Peanut walked up the path to her new house, she noticed a little girl sitting across the street. Guess what, Peanut thought, she looked sad too.

Trouble Times Two

“Is everything okay, Mom? You look so tired.” “I’m fine, Pinky dear. Your dad and I just have something we would like to talk to you about when we go out.
For some reason, Pinky immediately got a strange feeling in her stomach. Why couldn’t Mom and Dad talk to her now? What did they need to tell her?
Oh no, this can’t be good, Pinky said to herself. This just can’t be good.
Pinky went on to tell Peanut what her mom said and how worried she was feeling. She just knew Peanut was going to tell her everything would be fine.
But instead, Peanut didn’t say anything.

No Boys Allowed

Peanut stared at Scott, Scott smirked at Peanut. Oh no Peanut thought. “Mom, Dad, I really need to talk to you about something.” Peanut sat up straighter, trying to hear every word Scott was about to say. Here it comes.
The one thing Pinky and Peanut hoped would never happened was about to come true. Scott gave Peanut one little wink before he started. “I have an idea and I think you’ll like it …”