Parent Reviews

Colorful characters with a creative and captivating story that sparked great discussion about
friendship and trust with my 5-year-old daughter.
–Erin A. (WA)

Secret clubhouse, annoying brothers, lovable pets—this book makes you want to snuggle with your
kids and have some cookies and milk while you read.
–Ann D. (WA)

I'm writing a review for my 2 girls who have read both Pinky & Peanut books. First let me say that my girls are not the worlds greatest readers, however, they both thoroughly enjoy these books and have read them several times. I think that they can relate to the characters and the story. It is rewarding to watch my girls sit down with a book, then come to me and excitedly relay the plot.
–Jason H. (WA)

The boys related well to Scott and laughed out loud with his sarcasm. My daughter had to go out and
get a journal of her own after she read the story.
–Olivia H.

The descriptions were exceptional and I found myself eager to explore their world. I can’t wait for the
next book.
–Tammy Y. (CT)

In a world where kids are constantly exposed to media overload, it’s nice to have authors that
emphasize the importance of being a kid and not growing up too fast.
--Micah H. (IL)

This was the perfect read-aloud book for my four year old daughter and has been a huge hit as a gift
for friends a bit older. The book (and the sequel) are accessible to young readers looking for a
beginning chapter book. The characters have real conversations and emotions for 2nd graders. I
highly recommend this series.
–Angie M. (WA)

My 7 year old daughter loved this book. It was the first chapter book that caught her interest and she
read it cover to cover to my delight, and she waited impatiently for the second one to come out. She
gave copies to her friends for Christmas too. I met the authors and they are great. Looking forward to
the 3rd book.
–Justine P. (WA)

Second book chapter book continues the authors' solid combination of great storyline & characters,
real-life child situations with lessons, and wonderful illustrations. Written at a level to challenge young readers, while still being fun for them.
---Martin E. (AZ)

Finally, a book that emphasizes the importance of being a kid and not growing up too fast. The
character development is this book is fantastic and make them easy to relate to. It is one of those books that you really enjoy reading to your kids and are just as excited as your kids to find out what will happen next. Truly a great family read.
---Maria W. (WA)