Reader Reviews

This is my new favorite book. I hope there are 20 more books about Pinky and Peanut. I have my

own journal now.
---Madison, age 7

I had to move and I liked these stories because I felt sad like Pinky and Peanut.
--- Anna, age 7

Ralphie is the best dog. Will Scott be nicer in the next book?
---Jason, age 6

I think it’s really cool because they have their own little club house. They are best friends who
play together a lot and sometimes it’s hard to find best friends. I happen to like to read stories
about best friends. It’s just a fun book to read.
---Hannah, age 9

I like Pinky and Peanut because I could not put the book down. I wanted to keep reading it and
reading it! I also like this book because it is easy and fun like the first book. I love their
adventures. I hope there are more. I can’t wait for the next book.
---Hanley, age 7

I want a clubhouse just like Pinky and Peanut.
---Bailey, age 5

Scott is so cool. Ralphie made me laugh. Oh yeah, I just loved Pinky and Peanut.
---Sara, age 8

I have a brother like Scott. He likes to drive me crazy. I love Pinky’s ballerina spins. Peanut’s
name is Ashley too. I read these books so fast.
---Ashley, age 8

It can be hard for me to read sometimes, but I loved reading about Pinky and Peanut. They are
the best. I like Ralphie because I have a dog like him.
---Alexis, age 8

Scott and Paul would be cool brothers to have. I liked Ralphie.
---Max, age 7