Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Writer workshop and St. Louise School

Cherie, Trina and I had the privilege of speaking at St. Louise School in Bellevue, WA last week. In addition to our author talks with the children, we also were able to work the children in their rooms. Together we created stories; each child creating a different version. Trina taught the children how to correctly draw a cartoon to size. We absolutely loved this style that we hope to add writer/illustrator workshops to our speaking engagements from now on! Thank you St. Louise School!!!

Former St. Louise School Teachers are Visiting Authors
Former St. Louise School primary teachers and current school parents, Cherie McIntosh and Deena Cook, believe in childhood imagination. Deena and Cherie co-authored a children’s series titled Pinky and Peanut. The main characters are derived from nicknames that Deena and Cherie currently have for their own children.  But there’s even more history behind Pinky and Peanut.  The illustrator, Trina Scruggs Sullivan, attended St. Louise School and was actually a former student of Deena Cook’s.  When Cherie and Deena needed a good illustrator, who better to mentor than their former student who was, coincidently, more than ready for the challenge!  The threesome continues to collaborate and thus far have created three adventures in the series: Pinky and Peanut, Pinky and Peanut, Trouble Times Two, and Pinky and Peanut, No Boys Allowed. A portion of the book sales is donated to Ronald McDonald House in Seattle.

When visiting the students of St. Louise, the authors and illustrator explained the process of writing, editing, countless revisions, creating character art images, and the perseverance to keep at it.  What makes these books so unique and refreshing are the positive attributes portrayed by the characters. “Kindness” and “goodness” are the order of the day. The stories are clean, wholesome, and funny; good reads for children and adults alike. “This is a realistic, engaging, story written with humor and insight,” relates St. Louise School librarian, Mary Carson. The books touch on friendship, sibling rivalry, pets, and school experiences.  The multiple copies of each book we have in the library are constantly checked out.”

The Pinky and Peanut series is available on their website at  HYPERLINK "http://www.pinkyandpeanut.com" www.pinkyandpeanut.com, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and at all other major book stores in the area. St. Louise School is a Catholic school with grades Pre-K-8 located in Bellevue near the Crossroads area.  For more information please visit wwwstlouiseschool,org .