Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinky and Peanut has won a Family Review Center Award for our series!

DESCRIPTION: Pinky and Peanut is a children's chapter book series that focuses on kids being kids in a fast paced world. Join Pinky and Peanut, a pesky brother, a scruffy dog and a group of friends as they learn to use their imagination and be a good person. Each story can stand alone but works well as a series. They play off of each other. Simple lessons such as learning to say I'm sorry is one of the many reasons Pinky and Peanut are becoming mainstreamed. As former teachers, we've seen how books can create life long learners and help to increase literary awareness. In a fast paced society, children learning to use their imagination is important.

REVIEWER NOTES: My daughter is absolutely delighted with this set of books. She has been soaking them up and using them for her daily reading time both at home, and at school, so you KNOW they are good, when they can hold the attention of a seven year old that strongly. I am thrilled to see her enjoying them so much, because it means she will be inclined to read more, which strengthens her skills and gives her something positive to do in her quiet time.

Each one is a short little chapter book (as they refer to them around here). You can choose from the print version, the Kindle version or the audio CD version. They are very well priced, very well written and very much recommended by this lady (and the kid... let's not forget her input!)

Pinky and Peanut: The Adventure Begins
Pinky and Peanut: Trouble Times Two
Pinky and Peanut: No Boys Allowed (MY DAUGHTER'S FAVE!)

This is just a fun series, that they will enjoy. Clean, humorous at times, and interesting enough to keep them glued for long periods of time. My daughter is fairly new to the 'chapter book' world. Having just come from the 'colorful, picture filled children's stories' ... it is sometimes hard to find books that really hold her attention, because they only have the print on the page. These books have not only interested her, they have entertained her for long periods of time and she is still going ... almost done with the last one. I LOVE IT that the loves them this much. Thank you Pinky and Peanut for being so much fun to read about! You have added a fun little nitch in to my daughter's days and life. Because of that, I too love you.

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